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Bus Uncle Video - National Sensation - The AP reports that "A six-minute film showing a grumpy man scolding a fellow Hong Kong bus rider for interrupting his phone call has become one of the most popular videos online." "Bus Uncle," as the film is known, has been viewed millions of times in May and has spawned spoofs and new slang words.

Make sure you watch the film through in its entirety. When I first watched it, I didn't see what the fuss was about because I only took a look at the first minute or so. But it picks up later and gets more interesting and vulgar. (At least if you can believe the translation from Chinese.)

According to the wikipedia page on this:

"Its copious use of profanity and rhetorical outbursts has gained attention from local and international media with many of its utterances becoming popular new catchphrases in Hong Kong and Chinese communities around the world.

I wouldn't exactly say that the use of profanity in the bus uncle video is "copious" it's more like the man is looking to pick a fight. It's actually amazing how the younger man just sits there and doesn't move practically at all.

Please see the comments below that someone wrote to us recently about bus uncle.
Apparently this is a big hit in Hong Kong. We received a call from a reporter from the Hong Kong Economic Times (see scan below) who was doing a story on the incident and called us because we registered the domain name "busuncle.com" (at DomainRegistry.com of course.)

We'd like to know your comments on this. The most interesting will be posted here. Please send comments to: Bus Uncle Email

Here is a scan of the story on this website, in Chinese, that was sent to us by the reporter who wrote the bus uncle story:

Someone wrote to us with the following comments on the Bus Uncle Video:

"The man (bus uncle) is a psycho and has applied for the election for 3 times the CEO position in Hong Kong (HK CEO is equivalent to US president in the States). He has been unemployed for years and is receiving Hk$1800 / mth (US$230) government assistance. He has already appeared on newspaper headlines in HK yesterday, and just for 1 day, and no newspaper report him in large scale again today. As he's trying to ask for lots of money for the interviews, and his behaviour and conversation shows that he's an abnormal person."
Update:The Wall Street Journal had a story about bus uncle. Below is a scan of that story:

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